Regular Garage Doors Service

Making sure your garage doors are timely serviced is as critical as providing timely service to your vehicle – it extends the life of mechanism and its parts, prevents wear and tear, helps to avoid unexpected break downs that may hurt your property and your loved ones.

What’s being done during regular garage doors service:

  1. External inspectionof garage doors, cables, motor, connectors, spare parts;
  2. Adjustment of all connections, loose parts;
  3. Checking the operation of the carriage rollers and the belt tensioner rollers;
  4. Tightening the transfer belt;
  5. Adjustment of electronic sensors;
  6. Checking emergency opening devices, battery status;
  7. Checking the program switch, reprogramming the doors to meet the needs of the customer;
  8. Repair and replacement of components and assemblies if required

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