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If you’ve got an automatic garage door, then you’ve likely got a remote that opens and closes it. These remotes don’t have infinite battery life; after a certain period of time, you might notice that it takes a few clicks to get the door opening and closing. Before you panic and blame the motor or the opener, consider getting the batteries in your remote replaced by the garage door experts at IM Garage Doors Repairs. Having been installing and repairing garage doors across Melbourne for many years, we’re experts at handling the repairs of remotes. Even if the issue is mechanical, not battery-related, our technicians can either bring it back to perfect health or organise a replacement for you quickly.

Programming New Remotes to Your Door

With automatic garage doors, it’s vital to have a working remote on hand – and if multiple people park their cars or access the home via the garage, you may need several remotes programmed to the door. The technicians at IM Garage Doors Repairs will help you program new remotes to your existing doors so that you’re able to get in and out without any delays to your day.

No matter what style of remote you prefer – a small button that can easily attach to your keychain, or one that you keep in your car permanently – we can source the right garage door remote for you.

Speak to Our Melbourne-Based Garage Door Experts

At IM Garage Doors, we provide installations, maintenance, and emergency repairs to residents across Melbourne. Our first priority is helping our customers get their garage doors and accessories back in working order as swiftly as possible. If your remote is acting up, or has given up entirely, call us and enjoy the quick response time. You can get in touch with us on 0416 660 514 or submit an enquiry