We Help Beerwah Residents Repair Roller Garage Doors

Your automatic garage door requires regular maintenance to operate optimally. If you open your garage door on a regular basis, it will not be surprising to notice a bit of wear and tear in the components of the opener. A single failed part can cause the whole roller system to fail, or worse be dangerous to you, your family member and to your Beerwah property. To reduce the probability of an accident occurring due to old and worn-out parts in your roller garage doors, contact a professional in your local area for reliable repairs and maintenance.

Issues with Garage Door Remotes & Springs

 There are many things to consider when your roller garage doors are not working as well as they used to a couple of years ago. If changing the batteries on your garage door remote does not solve your problem, your remote may be faulty. This could mean that you need new remotes programmed so they are connected to your existing garage door opener. Getting a local professional with experience with your automatic garage door motor type will make things easier for you.

Another often neglected component of roller garage doors are the springs. They are constantly lifting and lowering your heavy roller doors which inevitably causes an expected amount of wear and tear. If anything, your springs are one of the first few parts that require replacement. If left on its own, an old spring with a high amount of force added on it can cause some serious damage to your garage and the people around it. We recommend having an expert check your springs on a regular basis for a peace of mind for your whole family.

IM Garage Door Repairs are available in Beerwah

We have been servicing the local community from Noosa, to Caloundra, Maroochydore and Nambour. Our customers know our technicians are experienced and can be relied on to provide great service and top quality replacement parts for repairs in Beerwah. Call us at 0416 660 514 to have a professional help you today.